Building the First School Classrooms in Ibba

We have some great news to share!

Further FIGS funding has allowed for the next stage of the construction work to commence. This comprises not only the classroom block, but also toilets, a kitchen, a solar and generator block and completion of the second solar powered water bore-hole. This is all to be completed in the targeted time of 4 months (March to June 2013). Our architect Malcolm Worby will be travelling to Ibba again on the 15th of April to inspect progress.

This  building work also helps create employment for local young people. Gabriel Gbera, head of Anisa Construction, tells us that he is excited by this prospect:

“We had a wonderful meeting with the Paramount Chief of Ibba and the community on the 19th of March. He selected 30 hardworking men from the East, Central and West of Ibba to work with us.”

Here’s a picture of the Paramount Chief (dressed in white) with some of the young local workers on the site.

Chief giving directions



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